Froukje van der Velde

Froukje studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and specialised in Gender & Sexuality at San Francisco State University. After studying she worked as a writer and gave courses at the feminist sexshop Mail & Female in Amsterdam. She has always been fascinated about the way people express their gender, identity and sexuality. At a young age all kind of questions rose, like; why can’t I wear my brothers clothes, or why can I touch my whole body except my vagina in public? Froukje noticed that there are so many taboos, codes of behaviour and mystery concerning sexuality and love.

‘Our society, psyche and culture are woven in believes and values about sexuality, gender and sex. I think we can pay more attention to this field which is so vital for our lives and is the reason why we exist in the first place! With love, curiosity and playfulness we can discover so many magical things. Sexuality is a beautiful field in which we can meet, play, fall and rise up again to get to know ourselves and others on a deeper level.’