The Soulmate Delusion & Relationship Mapping with Andrew Barnes

The pressure to find your ‘soulmate’ puts undue stress on relationships.

'Soulmate' is a relatively modern term which did not become widely used until the concept was popularised in Disney films and the like. It adds stress to relationships because, after the honeymoon phase, one thing wrong and we can discard a person entirely as our soulmate would surely always get everything right.

In this workshop Andrew teaches from his new relationship map and will help you to:

  • Understand why you repeat unsuccessful patterns in relationships
  • Discern what is true for you in each moment rather than being caught in the past
  • Become a feeling person, rather than an emotional one
  • Step into the power through integrating your mature feminine and masculine
  • Understand the flow of sexual energy during lovemaking
  • Use the Relationship Map process and how this can more easily identify your relationship problems and find solutions to them
  • Understand the three phases of relationship and how to evolve through them
  • Discover the five main problem areas in relationships and what to do about them
  • Understand the importance of emotional wisdom in relationships