Trust, Surrender & Celebration: the keys to intimacy with Alan Lowen

Now we can dive deeper. “Am I allowed” now becomes a question that you live and breathe as you explore all that happens in you in meeting other people as intimately as you both choose.

“How deep is my trust?” Am I allowed to surrender to my own experience?” “Am I allowed to celebrate freely my own way of living my male-female nature?” “Am I allowed to experience the full spectrum of my feelings and emotions?” “Am I allowed all my feelings when I am being sexual (or do I restrict myself to one or the other)?” “ Am I allowed to surrender to my passion, to my tender feelings, to my heart, to my soul?” “Am I allowed my libido? My power? My primal wildness?” “Am I allowed ecstasy and orgasm?” “Am I allowed to die into the mystery beyond all doing?” All these questions swirl in the pool of sensual-erotic intimacy into which we dive today.