Tuning in to You - Embodied Meditation With Clara Gomez

In this workshop we'll explore the role of self-awareness and of developing a deep connection to our truth as the basis for more authentic, fulfilling connections with others.

Often, in our longing to connect with others we neglect establishing a solid connection to ourselves first and run the risk of "getting lost" in the other, of overriding boundaries, or "checking-out" during interaction due to the disconnection from our own bodies, needs and desires in the present moment.

You will be guided through a series of embodied meditations to help develop a deeper understanding of our internal mechanisms at the physical, mental and emotional level, and learn tools that help navigate intensity in intimate situations with greater presence and awareness.

Some of the benefits of this practice:

- Interactions that are more authentic and fulfilling
- Empowerment through greater self-knowledge
- Gaining clarity around personal boundaries and desires
- Improved communication in intimacy
- Deeper states of presence and flow with a partner