What about Intimacy? with Jamie Catto

In this session, we tenderly bust all our foolishly inefficient strategies for getting what we want and clean the channel straight to the heart of direct, visible, powerful communication and action.

We want to enjoy all relationships, at home, at work, with lovers, free of manipulation and control, free of complaint and game-playing. We are relearning how to be straight with each other.

Over this two-day process, we will explore the possibility of experiencing deeper and more nourishing connections in our relationships in all areas of life, which includes both the vulnerability and the presence to share more and more of ourselves.

We will also examine the polarity of the masculine and feminine, and our relationship to giving and receiving, sharing tools for being empowered in our vulnerability, and taking responsibility for how we feel and what we need. In supporting each others’ unique journeys and excitements, you will use this weekend for shared and reciprocal growth.