Opening to Vulnerability: Naked Meditation with Sonalle LaMariposa

Our vulnerability is key to how we relate to ourselves & to others. When we are able to truly ‘be’ with ourselves, to be open & vulnerable to how we are feeling in every moment, then we can we have compassion for ourselves. Only when we can truly be with ourselves, are we able to truly be with others. The depth of our connection with others is entirely dependant on how vulnerable we are able to be with ourselves.

In vulnerability we are able to experience ever more vitality, joy & light in our lives. Our vulnerability our key to Love. If we want more love in our life then we need to be vulnerable.  

Opening to Vulnerability guides you into meeting some of the vulnerable places within yourself that are in need of your love & attention. Like a new-born baby, you are reborn, consciously releasing some of the unnecessary barriers built when growing up & connecting with your authentic self.

Are you ready to open to vulnerability?