Get Sparky for couples (and moreples) with Roma Norriss & Adam Wilder

This is a workshop aimed at people in long term relationships. It will teach you practices to re-affirm and develop further the intimacy and connection between you and help your relationship flourish. Come with your partner(s), people in all kinds of romantic relationships welcome.

Perhaps the beautiful person(s), who you share your life with, once lit you up in a way no-one else could. Now somehow you don't make time for each other, resentment and isolation has built up. Join us to bring back the intimacy and connection with your beloved(s). Discover simple practices that will allow your relationship to flourish. Lift the resentment, fear and feelings of separation that drive a wedge between you. Take some quality time together where we will guide you back towards the magic that drew you together.

Roma Norriss has lived through a 13 year marriage with two kids and divorce. She knows the hard graft that is behind making it work when the intoxication of falling in love has faded. Offering simple practices to clear the feelings that cloud our ability to connect and simple practices for ongoing relationship maintenance, you will gain a deeper understanding of what is needed to practice healthy togetherness. Adam Wilder is an intimacy weaver who loves taking people on adventures with each other. He masterfully creates a safe and loving atmosphere in which to remember our sparkly connection.